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Tips for a long road trip

Monday, July 4, 2016
Tips for a long road trip

I just returned from a 6 week road trip out west.  I drove out through Iowa and Nebraska, spent a month in Colorado and drove back through Wyoming, South Dakota and Minnesota.  Someone smarter than I said, ” You never return from a trip the same person who left. ” and that could not have been a more truer statement than for myself.  I know I got to know myself a little better on this trip and I hope the lessons I learned stay with me always.

Road trip tips

  • Take your time, you never know if you’ll ever be passing that way again.
  • Don’t be a stranger, people love talking to people from other areas of the country, how else are you going to find out where the locals love to go?
  • Stop at local farm stands, did you see those delicious strawberries from Minnesota?
  • Purchase AAA before you go, great discounts at hotels!
  • Ask a friend, sibling, or child to join you for part of the trip, you never know they might say yes!  Thanks Harry for joining me in Aspen, too much fun!
  • Don’t keep chocolate in a hot car!
  • Drink water, it makes such a difference on how you will feel and the energy you’ll have, especially in high altitudes.
  • Don’t forget to pack an umbrella, hat, sunscreen, hiking shoes, and a party dress, because you just never know!
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • And expect to be pleasantly surprised!



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