Hello Ashville, North Carolina

Saturday, May 7, 2016
Hello Ashville, North Carolina

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We woke up in the mountain town Asheville, North Carolina and my sister and I found it to be one of our favorite surprises.  It is so much more than just visiting the Biltmore and the gardens, which is incredibly impressive.  We were lucky enough to see their exhibit on wedding dresses through time.  I decided to find a hotel in town, so walking around late in the evening was no problem.  We found Chester’s, which specializes in craft cocktails, fiddle and banjo musicians on every corner, the best french restaurant in the country, breakfast with fresh strawberries and lavender french toast with a side order of country bacon and biscuits with orange blossom local honey.  They take their art and artist seriously in this town with no apologies.  An abandoned Woolworth store was renovated into an artist dream location, with a working soda fountain too!  Enjoy!

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