Beaufort, SC

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Beaufort, SC

Hello Beaufort, South Carolina!  I love this town.

The center of the south and it has it all: history, turtles, foodies,

quaint shops, horse drawn carriages, antebellum homes,

beautiful churches, and the Beaufort Inn.

IMG_5798 IMG_5828 IMG_5847 IMG_5885 IMG_5887 IMG_5889 IMG_5877 IMG_5867 IMG_5866

My sister joined me for the second week and we tried

to get into as much trouble as possible.  Don’t miss

Saltus, Plums, The Shrimp Shack, and The Foolish Frog.

The shops Scout (for their sweet tea floats), In High Cotton

(for linen dresses), and the fly fishing store for everything else.

“Dim the lights and keep moving” A southern endearment


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