Go West

Saturday, October 3, 2015
Go West

Finishing up my amazing week out west with

some photos I think you’ll like.  I have

some restaurant, night life, and shop

recommendations at the end of this blog

spot.  Enjoy!

” The music hasn’t stopped playing, this

dance isn’t over yet. ” Overheard recently

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“Women never fantasize about running away

with a CPA” Kemo Sabe


White House Tavern (no reservations)

The Terrace at The Jerome for lunch

A-Jax outside terrace for oysters

Limelight for pizza and Jazz

Peaches and Victorias for breakfast

Meatball shack

Jimmy’s and Jimmy’s Bodega ( of course )

Aspen Art Museum Cafe (Great view)


Justice Snows


J Bar

The Library

St. Regis Hotel

Element at The Little Nell

Belly Up for music

White House Tavern

Jazz at The Little Nell



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