Octoberfest in Vail, Colorado

Sunday, September 20, 2015
Octoberfest in Vail, Colorado


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Octoberfest in Vail, Colorado this week!  Blue skies, plenty of beer,

polka music and new friends, this is just the beginning of my

road trip out west.  Picturesque Vail, Colorado is as quaint as you

can get for a small town in the USA.  It’s fun and beautiful, even

without snow.  Check out Mountain Standard for lunch or dinner,

The Gilded Spruce for one of a kind Christmas decorations, and, of

course, Kemo Sabe and Gorsuch are not to miss.  The walk between

Lion’s Head and Vail along the creek path is worth the find.  Off to

Aspen, Colorado next, stay tuned this week.  Enjoy!


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