Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My favorite bakery in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin makes

this unbelievable granola on Tuesdays.  You walk in

and the aroma of cinnamon, nuts and honey hits you

and before you know it you’re buying containers of

granola to send off in care packages to college students

and friends.  This also makes a great house warming

gift.  Try it on your yogurt or oatmeal!!!


Alison from Simple Bakery & Market, makes the

best granola.  Check out their carrot cake cupcakes

with bits of orange pieces in their frosting.  Yummy!

I also love The Simple restaurant next door.  My

personal favorite is sitting outside in the summer-

time with their fresh squeezed lemonade and chicken

salad.  I also love the place because they have a real

cool playlist going during breakfast!  Open for breakfast

and lunch only and weekends in the summer can be

a bit of a wait.

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