Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hello Beaufort, South Carolina!  After my niece’s wedding

I headed up to Beaufort for a few days.  Art galleries, seafood,

American history, scenic views, and hoping to see my favorite

author, Pat Conroy.  I would definitely go back to Beaufort; it’s

the perfect location between Charleston and Savannah.


The Chapel of Ease was built before the Revolutionary War.

IMG_1371 IMG_1408 IMG_1052 IMG_1372


IMG_1436 IMG_1425 IMG_1427IMG_1421



The Beaufort Inn is located a block from downtown and a real step

back in time.  I would stay here again.  Off to Charleston!

“To me she is the finest thing ever produced on an Alabama farm.”

Pat Conroy’s tribute to his wife in his book South of Broad.  I

thought that was kind of sweet and thought I’d include that one.


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