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Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 4, 2011

Backyard after the blizzard!!!  Still no excuse not to come up with a great Valentine’s Day gift!!!

Do something wonderful for someone today without them knowing about it.

Watch:  Sleepless in Seattle, Valentine’s Day, or Love Actually

Write your loved one a Love Letter on beautiful stationary and wrap it with a red satin ribbon

Where something Red

Make an old-fashioned Valentine with a lace doily and glitter

Tell your children the story of how you met.  Tell the story slowly with all the little details that you can remember.  Trust me, they will love it and they’ll tell their children someday.

Give your special someone everything to take the perfect bubble bath and don’t forget the cozy PJ’s too!

Make a heart shaped cake

I have a friend who receives an engraved gold heart every Valentine’s Day with special saying on each.  She adds it to her charm bracelet that is now loaded with golden hearts with special meanings on each heart.  She wears this bracelet everyday.

Make a huge heart from roses or carnations

Decorate a shoe box like you did in grade school and fill it with little hearts.  Write on them all the reasons of why you love them.  Priceless!

Make a special meal or go to the restaurant that has special meaning for both of you.

Tell someone you love them and mean it

“Love is not Love, which alters when it alteration finds”  Shakespeare

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