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Snow Day

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What to do on a snow day!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!

–Start a fire in your fireplace

–Bake some cookies

–Go sledding

–Go ice-skating

–Take a winter photograph

–organize a closet

–organize photographs

–Start or do a hobby

–Start a novel or finish reading one

–Clean your refrigerator

–Clean up your computer

–Revamp your New Year’s resolutions

–Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk for them

–Update your resume

–Watch old movies

–Stay in bed

–Take a bath

–Walk your dog with snow shoes on

–Cross-country ski to Starbuck’s

–Write or call a friend

–Start a website

–Organize your iphoto or scan in older photos

–Make an iphoto book, calendar or imovie

–Update your itunes account

–Update your address book in your computer

–Refresh your fantasy football team


–Order new sheets and towels

–Plan a dinner party or have one for neighbors

–Make a snowman

–Go through all of your winter hats, gloves and coats and give what you don’t use to charity

–Play Scrabble or start a marathon Monopoly Game

–Check-out my BE CREATIVE section in my website

–Listen to Graduation speeches by famous people online

–Take care of yourself

–Don’t Compromise

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”  Steve Jobs 

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