Don’t forget the Wrapping

Monday, November 29, 2010
Don’t forget the Wrapping

This is a great week to go visit Santa, but be prepared for the kids to change their minds about 10 times the closer it gets to Christmas.

Customize your own bag by this wonderful company who make the best light weight bags around.  I love using these bags when I travel at they also make a cute overnight bag or use it when you travel as an extra bag for those extra goodies.  Just fold it into the bottom of your suitcase so it’s ready to go when you are!  My nieces like the ones that can be monogrammed.

Start organizing baking supplies for your holiday baking.  I love using the containers from the Container Store at  They may even make things taste better because they are packaged so cute.  People make and receive so many cookies over the season that it’s nice to receive some spiced nuts or flavored olive oil.  What about wrapping up your favorite hand cream with a bow and ornament if you’re strapped for time this year. I love the hand cream by it really does do the trick during the cold winter months.  I also like it because it’s made in the USA.

O.K. speaking of cold winter months, I love the bubble bath by Fresh called Sake Bath at I think it smells incredible and you feel even better.  One bottle lasts a really long time so its worth the splurge.  I also love the Sugar lip balm when tackling inclement weather or just carpooling the kids.

If your nails are feeling brittle from this dry weather try Rejuvacote as a nail growth system.  I’ve tried everything and this really works if you follow the directions exactly.  I know the beautiful boutique and salon Splendor at carries this miracle product.  I take the bottle along with me when I splurge and get a manicure.  It lasts so much longer than the usual manicure. Use the new nail color by OPI.  Burlesque Holiday collection is perfect through the Holidays.

I just saw the movie Burlesque and can’t wait to see it again.  I thought it was great to see Cher on the big screen again.  I felt like I was at a Broadway Show. Fantastic!

Start wrapping and putting post-it notes on the outside of the package so your not up until 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve.

Start planning that dream vacation, It’s never too early to plan:  Paris, Safari, Tahiti, nows the time to start planning and saving for that big vacation.

The most luxurious handbags I’ve ever seen by Analeena at It’s like a grown woman’s candy store!  I confess that I have a piggy bank just for that perfect handbag!  Don’t laugh, I have a friend that has a piggy bank just for shoes!

“I think I can, I think I can, I thought I could, I thought I could ”   The Little Engine that Could

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