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Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is the week that Hannah and I attend our club’s annual Gingerbread Party.  I think every year that she’s going to say she’s too old to go to this party, but we’ve discovered, it’s absolutely hands down one of our favorite holiday activities to do together.  It’s also nice to bring our own candy to make it a little more colorful and unique. It’s also wonderful to keep the mess somewhere else. I know have gingerbread house kits to order. It’s just fun!

Time to order any custom made bags, plates, stationary, or let’s face it, anything you can think of at  This is the perfect website to find a personalized gift for the person who has everything.  This is a great idea for baby or bride gifts.

O.K. time to get it together if you want to give a photo book, calendar or cards for the holidays!  Go to for inspiration on making a photo book.  This is the kind of gift to give if you want the recipient to cry with happiness!

Check out giving at A little bit can go a long way.  Helping children around the world.

This is a little luxury, I clean the house really well this week before all of the Christmas decorations go up.  I love the product Quick Shine on my wood floors, it really makes them shine!  You can find this product at Walgreens or Home Depot.

Coupons are easier and easier to download from every company check out and join their lunch club for special deals.  I personally love their recipes, especially the cheese ball and pinwheels.  It wouldn’t be the holidays without these appetizers.  I’ll put them on my favorite recipe section on my website.

This is a little trick, if you hate crowds think about shopping at an antique store.  Chess sets, books, vintage silver and jewelry are good finds.  Know who your shopping for before you go.  What about a beautiful crystal candy dish or jar filled with the person’s favorite candy or cookies?

I love this jewelry designer based on Oak Street in Chicago Nakamol at she is worth checking out!

“My friend’s have made the story of my life.”  Helen Keller

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