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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The week before Thanksgiving is the time to get organized if your hosting or being a guest on the big Gobble Gobble Day.  This is probably my favorite Holiday.  It’s all about giving Thanks and, of course, Food and Football.

This is the week I buy everything for the Holiday meal that will keep on my shelves.  Next week I’ll buy all of my fresh ingredients, but I’ll have my list ready so I’m not panicking or going to the grocery store 10 times that week. Organize now and you won’t regret it.  Now is also the time to ask any of your guests if they would like to contribute to the meal by bringing a dish to pass or let them know what you’d like them to bring.  There always seem to be way too many desserts. OH WELL!

My typical Grocery list for a traditional Thanksgiving Meal:  Fresh Turkey, Stuffing bread, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Mushroom Soup, Dried Onions, Onions, Celery, Eggs, Marshmallows, Brown Sugar, Butter, Rolls, Sour Cream, Cream, Coffee, Wine, Shrimp, Shrimp sauce, Lemons, Sausages (for stuffing), Cranberry Relish, Turkey Gravy from William Sonoma, Dessert list: Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin pies are always favorites. Fresh Salad ingredients and Dressing. I also make my family’s Cranberry Pudding Recipe that we serve at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I’ll have the recipe in my Favorite Recipe section in my website.

I know some families serve a wonderful butternut soup before the Thanksgiving meal, but I find that it’s just too much with everything else going on that day.  Save this yummy idea for the weekend when your sick of leftovers.  Speaking of leftovers, I make a big pan of Lasagna and garlic bread for that Holiday weekend, when your just sick of cooking and cleaning up pans. This makes the weekend so much easier when all you want to do is go see or rent a movie or shop online.

Set the table the week before, this gives you time to check everything:  buy candles, check tablecloth, polish anything that needs to be polished. Order centerpiece or use fresh fruit.  This is also the time I pick serving dishes for every recipe I’m going to serve.  Will they all fit in my oven?  Timing is everything for a large Holiday.  I’ve used the disposable pan for the Turkey and when trying to remove it from the oven it folded up on me and turkey juice all over me and all over the floor.  I’ve used a real pan ever since. All-Clad is my favorite.

Do you want to have place cards for your guests?  Now is the time to write them out. What about a fun centerpiece for the kids table? Or sparkling apple cider for their own toast!

If you have a big group for Thanksgiving, what about having a football grid for extra fun?  I’ll guarantee you that your guests won’t be late so they will get their favorite teams.

Do you have a tradition after dinner? Monopoly, Pictionary, Charades? If not start one.

This is also a good time to get your Holiday cards together, what about a family photo? Or maybe not.

This is a good time to send packages and cards to service people who are serving abroad.

This is a good time to fill up a grocery bag or two and donate to your local food pantry.

Have your knives sharpened this week.  I try to have them sharpened once a year and this is a perfect time before you dive in to Holiday cooking and baking.  I take mine to my local hardware store.

Don’t forget to baby yourself after all of this planning, cooking and organizing.  Take a bubble bath, get a manicure and pedicure, add a sugar scrub to your shower routine.  Most of all, keep a sense of humor.  Remember to drink plenty of water.

Remember any caregivers in your family, they need extra pampering during this busy time.

“To Love and Be Loved is the Greatest Gift of All”

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