Winter in Wisconsin

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So I just spent last weekend with my family to celebrate Christmas in Wisconsin.  We do not

get together often, with our many other obligations, but the week before Christmas

is sacred to us all to gather, laugh and remind ourselves how lucky we are to have grown up

with such an eclectic family.  I feel lucky – I don’t know how lucky my sister will feel about me

publishing this photo – but at least I know I’ll get a phone call from her!?!????

I’m still smiling of being reminded of almost dieing on a harrowing tobaggon ride, always

asking Santa for the exact same things my sister wanted ( see photo ), that the best things

in life are free Ex:  competitive monopoly and Pitt games, that stealing gas,( to fuel a Honda

50), is totally O.K. to some family members, that Tippy, is by far, the best dog name in

the world, that Santa doesn’t wrap gifts, that Cranberry Steamed Pudding is the best dessert

– extra Goo Please!!!!, and knowing that I’ve been to Hell and back with these

people and they still love me and I love them is Priceless!  Merry Christmas Family!  I’m

afraid we’re stuck with each other – maybe that’s why we always ask for extra Goo! P.S.

Merry Christmas


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