Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I took a picture of this angel on one of my many hikes around the city.  So glad I took my camera with me.  I hear the new i phone takes amazing photos.

Checking out a new pair of awesome shoes at I love their moccasin shoes, especially on vacation when I have to do a lot of walking.

Look into giving to your favorite charity.  I like which buys animals for families in disadvantaged countries so that they can become economically independent.

Check out one of my favorite website by Gwyneth Paltrow at

Do something nice for someone without them ever finding out, you’ll be amazed at how good you will feel by doing this anonymously. A secret angel!

Today is voting day, the greatest luxury of all!  Thank you to all of our soldiers.

I just finished the trilogy The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  What a story!  Go check out your local library for a good read or donate some of your own books to their shelves.

Design your own personalized piece of jewelry from jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher at

Everyone says they don’t have time or are too busy to visit their local art museum or theater, take that time today and check out what’s going on locally or if you can plan a trip to see a museum you’ve always wanted to visit.

If your cooking the Thanksgiving meal this year now is the time to start making your list and start shopping for sustainable items.  This is also a good time to start delegating dishes for family and friends to make.  People love sharing their favorite recipes so don’t be a saint and make everything, delegate!

Hold me tight and tango me home. The Scent of a Woman

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