Thursday, October 28, 2010



If you want to look younger check out new eye glasses, reading glasses and sunglasses.

Clean up your computer!!  Inside and Out

Make a fabulous dessert.  One of my favorites is the Hummingbird Cake by Art Smith from his cookbook Back to the Table

Think about a new hair style or color?

Go through your kitchen and get rid of old towels, chipped dishes or anything you don’t really use anymore and then go out and get some fun new stuff.

Bubble Gum!

Go to the Symphony or get tickets to a concert.

Invite a group of friends out to lunch just because you miss them.

Learn a new skill or sport.  Trust me, doing this website is me really getting out of the box.

Plan a dream vacation and start saving for it today. 0r

No Matter Where You Go —- There You Are

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