Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I don’t usually talk about restaurants, but while at Antonio’s in Taos  I had one of the best

meals of my life.  The stuffed pepper with pears and raisins was fabulous.  The sauce is

indescribable except the word yummy comes to mind.  I was able to get their tableside

guacamole recipe from the chef.  Enjoy!

Antonio’s Guacamole Recipe from Taos, New Mexico

2 ripe Avacados, but not over ripe!

Salt to taste

Chopped Green Chile  peppers ( to taste ) FRESH

Chopped white onion ( to taste ) FRESH

Chopped tomatoes ( to taste ) FRESH

Cilantro ( to taste ) FRESH

Lime juice from a 1/2 of FRESH lime

Mix well, but not mushy!  Serve with your favorite chips

The key to this recipe is super fresh ingredients!

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