Beef Tenderloin Sandwich

Friday, May 13, 2011

You know it’s officially Spring when the Lily of the Valley are blooming.  My all time favorite flower and scent. Yeah!!!!!!!!

This also marks the time when my son has made it home from another year away at college.  Yeah!!!!!   Oh, I almost forgot—- the dirty laundry, the late night hours, sleeping in until the summer job starts, the food, the gallons of milk, the loud music????, the ” Did I ever act like that at his age???”  I was thinking of sending out the photo of piles of dirty laundry, but thought the Lily of the Valley would win out this week.

Recipe’s for hungry college kid and his friends

Tenderloin Sandwiches

—–Get a whole tenderloin (that’s right a whole tenderloin) trimmed

—–Smother it in Truffle butter ( Whole Foods carries this)

—–Salt and Pepper to taste.

—–Heat oven to 500 degrees (Clean oven helps)  Bake exactly 22 minutes.

—–This turns out perfectly ( Thank you Ina Garten )

—–I wait 15 minutes and slice it into sandwich sized pieces and put it into the refrigerator.  It’s amazing, but it’s completely gone in the morning.  Great bread, horseradish and mayo aren’t bad either.

Harry’s Bar Chicken Sandwich Venice Italy

—–Flat Bread


—–Brie Cheese

—–Fresh Tomatoes (Sliced)

—–Fresh Spinach

—–Grilled Chicken or Smoked Sliced Turkey

Combine together, bake until Brie is melted and chicken or turkey is warmed.  May add pesto sauce to mayonnaise for a kick.  This is one of my family’s favorite sandwich!!!  This also seems to disappear in the morning.

Monte Cristo Sandwich

—–Good Bread

——Sliced Ham

——Sliced Turkey

——Swiss Cheese

——Eggs Whisked


Combine eggs and milk and whisk together.  Heat butter in pan. Make a sandwich with bread, ham, turkey and cheese.  Dip into the egg and milk bath.  Bake like french toast in butter.  This is great anytime!!!!   This is great for kids who don’t especially like breakfast food.

Seize the Moment!  Remember all of those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.  Erma Bombeck

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