Friday, March 18, 2011

We need our friends more than ever, I had one of the best girlfriend lunches at this little restaurant in an out of the blue location.  I loved this place so much:  the food, the wine, the great conversation, the laughter and a few happy tears that I decided to frame the menu and hang it in my kitchen.  It’s a reminder of how much food, wine and friendship go together.  How about framing one of your favorite memories today?

I was at a terrific event in Chicago this week.  The shop, flowers and presenter were amazing.  Check out for a super website.  Debi Lilly blogs everyday for inspiration and ideas.  I think I spent 2 cups of coffee perusing her website. Super Fun!

Time to clean out my closet.  I get one or two garbage bags and one clear storage container.  The bag is for Goodwill and the clear storage container is for clothes I won’t be using for 6 months or just can’t seem to get rid of yet.  I take everything out of my closet and clean the shelves and vacuum my closet really well, then I get a tall glass of my favorite beverage, put on some music and really start being ruthless about weeding out my closet.  If I haven’t worn it in a year, but still love it, I put it in the storage container.  But, if I haven’t worn the item in over a year and I really don’t love it, that’s when I think about giving it away to someone who will use it and enjoy it more than I will.  Don’t forget to go through shoes and boots, accessories and unmentionables too.  I must admit I’ve never missed anything I’ve ever given away and just think about all the room I’m making in my closet for new stuff.

Checking out the book The Paris Wife by Paula Mclain at  This book website has the best book reviews around.

Time to order some fun personalized M & M’s at for all of your parties or just for fun!

Nothing like stepping into a fantasy world at  She was one of Princess Diana’s flower girls.

For some fun and traditional New Orleans recipes go to

Take a super long walk today and notice all the signs of Spring.

Donate to the Red Cross

Organize your life:  Take all birth certificates, social security cards, passports, insurance policies, wills and special photos and put them all in a secure place.  Make sure it’s fire proof!  Make sure everyone knows where you put them!

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”  Queen Mother of England

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