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Gifts to Yourself

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Gifts to Yourself

-Take the day off and have a ME DAY!  destinationkohler.com

-Manicure, Pedicure, Facial and Professional make-up consultant

-Schedule all of your personal appointments for the coming year: Personal Doctor, Dentist, Dermatologists, Eyes and get some updated reading and sunglasses glasses if needed.

-Schedule your car for any service it needs or get it detailed.

-Sign-up for an art class, ballet class, dancing lessons, speech class, photography or film class, photoshop class, computer class, cooking class, look into getting your degree or getting another one, car repair class, writing class, start a book club, start writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write, sailing lessons, fly fishing lessons, flower arrangement class or landscape architecture class, painting lessons, ceramics and sculpture class, jewelry making class.

-Keep a gratitude journal

-Take a road trip to your childhood home.  There is a small chapel in my small town and it’s always a tradition to hike up to it every year.

-Check out some new perfume, lotion, bubble bath and candles.   www.jomalone.com

-Go dancing

-Take a bubble bath, light some candles and try to relax.

-Do your family history.   www.ancestry.com

-Start that children’s book that you’ve always wanted to write or illustrate.

-Go antiquing or to a flea market.  Or better yet go to Paris and enjoy a European flea market.

-Make a family cookbook with family recipes, new favorites, and add photos from i photo.

-Design a family piece of jewelry from Heather Moore  at www.heathermoorejewelry.com

-Go get lost in your local bookstore

-Go to a concert or take the afternoon off to catch a movie or go to a museum

-Take a hike around the lake