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Gift Ideas for Teachers & Coaches

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Gift Ideas for Teachers & Coaches

-This is actually a great time to give a gift certificate or gift card, but think out of the box.  Keep the person you’re buying for in mind.  If the person doesn’t like to read don’t give them a gift card to a bookstore.  Here are some ideas:  Bookstore, Coffee Shop, Chinese Restaurant, Gas Card, Fine Dining Restaurant, Fruit Store, Chocolate Shop, Work Out Facility, or Anyplace you know they will like.

-A huge golf umbrella in your school colors, check out the local golf course in your area.

-Fuzzy bathrobe and slippers   www.nordstrom.com

-Tote bag for papers or lap top. www.landsend.com

-Orchid or other plant try your local florist or believe it or not Home Depot has great indoor plants.

-Personalized gifts at a great website at parkerthatch.com

-Stadium Blanket

-Warm-up gear in school colors

-Polar Fleece Jacket

-Use a new whistle as part of the packaging   www.americanwhistle.com

-School colors tie, if he wears a tie  www.vineyardvines.com

-What about a new hooded sweatshirt from their college alumni?

-Don’t forget a cake!!!

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