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The Best of Nashville, TN

Friday, February 16, 2018
The Best of Nashville, TN

Famous wall art inThe Gulch in Nashville, TN that Miranda Lambert used on her last album cover.  My sister and I felt lucky to find it for this fun photo.

There are so many great places to explore, shop, dine and be entertained in Nashville, TN.  It’s one of the few places in the U.S.A. that you can listen to music 24 hours a day.  My sister and I loved Nudie’s with the longest silver dollar bar in Nashville in the middle of Broadway.

The Country Music Museum was just across the street from the Antiques and Garden Show and we were lucky enough to see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s exhibition that is going on for the next 6 months.  Hatch Show Print is a country music treasure.

Parnassus bookstore in Nashville is one of the best independent bookstores in the country.  Don’t miss it if want to discover a new book or author.

Some of the best small businesses in Nashville are White’s Mercantile, Draper James, Imogene & Willie, Emerson Grace and Lucchese Boots.  It was fun not going into all the large chain stores.

Leave yourself some time to visit Franklin, TN and Leiper’s Fork, TN which is a great place to have the best meal of your life at The Loveless Cafe.

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