Hello from Heidi


I grew up surrounded by creative women, both of my grandmothers, my mother and sister were constantly making, baking, or sewing something amazing. The aroma of homemade pies, fudge and freshly baked bread were always and I mean always in the air. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day without a homemade doily Valentine. It wasn’t officially your birthday until you blew out your candles on grandma’s homemade decorated birthday cake. Christmas wasn’t Christmas until you opened your new lace and flannel pj’s, made with love, by one of my grandmothers. There was always a quilt being stitched and knitting needles clicking away. I don’t remember a day when the sewing machine wasn’t being used or a dress pattern wasn’t lying across the ironing board. Looking back on my childhood I can’t believe how lucky I was to be surrounded by such talented women.

On my website I am especially excited of all the many places I have traveled discovering unique shops, businesses and so many talented people.  I can’t wait to share my adventures with you!  I hope this site will inspire you with ideas the way my grandmothers and mother have inspired me. Hopefully, this site will save you time and energy looking for the perfect gift or enjoying a new place to explore.  I love finding the road less traveled and finding truly special places and unique items from wherever I go.  Enjoy!!!

Heidi Buddig